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Get to know your Copenhagen Wheel and how it works

The Copenhagen Wheel is a self-contained all-in-one solution that transforms a traditional bicycle into a hybrid e-bike. It simply replaces the rear wheel of a standard bicycle and does not require any external wires, throttles or other peripherals to function. The motor, battery, sensors and control circuitry - over 550 components in total - are all packed into the central hub.

Once installed and paired with a smartphone, the Wheel can immediately be used. It automatically senses the effort from your pedaling and provides the appropriate level of assistance. Through the Wheel app on your smartphone, you can select different ride modes that alter the amount of assistance received from the motor. You can read more about the different assistance modes here.

Your phone can acts as your key to the Wheel. When you park your bicycle, you can lock it as normal and walk away without turning off your Wheel. Once you and your phone are out of range, your Wheel will disable itself and will not provide assistance until you return. When you come back, your Wheel will reconnect to your phone and re-enable itself so you can ride off.

In addition to ride assistance, the Wheel also provides access to a wealth of ride-related and user data recorded by its sensors during each ride. Using your smartphone or web browser, you can view information such as the length of each ride, assist and effort levels during those rides and average speed. You can read more about the data the Wheel collects here.