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Why is there a maximum assisted speed?

The Wheel is preprogrammed with a maximum assisted speed to comply with local regulations. Many jurisdictions require additional licensing, insurance, or other precautions for higher-speed electric vehicles. Customers in the US and Canada will receive a Wheel with a default maximum assisted speed of 20 mph, while customers in the rest of the world will have a maximum assisted speed of 25 kph. Customers in the US and Canada have the option to raise their Wheel’s maximum assisted speed limit to 25 mph via their app. Please note that it is your responsibility as a rider to comply with your local regulations and that raising your Wheel’s speed limit may reduce your Wheel’s range depending on your riding style.

These speed limits allow a bicycle equipped with a Copenhagen Wheel to be classified as a “low speed electric bicycle” under US federal regulations or a “pedelec” in the EU. For more information about these regulations, start with these relevant pages maintained by the U.S. Government Publishing Office and the European Commission.

As with a conventional bicycle, you can use your pedals to travel faster than these speed limits. The Wheel will not resist you but will also not provide any additional assistance.